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An Ohio community complains about the biosolids spread across the local farmlands

Another interesting article about upset neighbors in a rural Ohio community. The odors and pollutants used in the fertilizers are causing rising co...


Some thoughts about Biosolids

Why is it ok to spread hazardous chemicals and biological wastes on farmlands, yet EPA regulations require that they are removed from water? The Gu...


Regulations and PFAS

TPO (Treatment Plant Operator) published an article surrounding the topic of PFAS and regulations set by the EPA. Click here to read "Are PFAS Regu...


NEW Water's Focus on Resource Recovery and a Watershed Approach

Click below to read about Tom Sigmund, executive director of NEW Water, and his focus to reduce phosphorus inputs to the Lower Fox River and the b...


Removing PFAS from Water

This article explores current technologies and possible future technologies to remove PFAS in water. IFCO works with many waste water treatment pla...


Maine DEP Puts Temporary Stop to the Land Application of any Biosolids or Biosolids Composts

Maine Department of Environmental Protection announced in March that they are imposing a temporary ban on the land application of any biosolids or ...

Multiple Hearth Furnace

Still Meeting the MACT EPA Standards with an 18-year-old MHF and Scrubber

Another plant was able to meet the current MACT EPA standards with an 18-year-old Multi-Hearth Furnace and Scrubber.


The "MHF Burner" Renamed

Fives North American renamed their “Low Emissions Multihearth Furnace ‘MHF’ Burner” to “Low Emissions Quick Clean Burner”. Although “...


A Look at Ryegrass Growth Influenced by Sludge Incineration

Click below to read a study published in the Elsevier.  Phosphorus is a non-renewable resource and the demand for it continues to rise. Phospohoru...


Increased Inquiries from Minerals and Mining Industry

In March of 2017, President Trump ordered the EPA to review the “Clean Power Plan”. This order removed some of regulations that placed costly b...


Changing Face of Transportation

Internal and external events have dramatically affected the nature of transportation in the US.  In 2018, these events have contributed to an incr...


Leveraging your Existing Capital Assets: MHF Rehab versus New Sludge Dryer

With EPA standards always changing, Waste Water Treatment Plants are continually searching for the best means and newest technology for sludge appl...


Phosphorus in Sludge – The German Approach

Environmental regulations in Europe are often forerunners of US regulations, after some lag time and adjustment to US conditions. So, it may be of ...

It's Boiler Repair Season!

One of IFCO's oldest and longest divisions is repairing boilers. Keep us in mind for preventative maintenance for your boilers!


Meeting the MACT FBI mercury limits

EnviroCare’s new MercuryPak Scrubbers target projects that need higher removal efficiencies of mercury. IFCO has installed these scrubbers on sev...