Mechanical Contracting Services

Industrial Furnace Company provides a full spectrum of mechanical contracting services related to the industrial furnace and incineration field. 

Our professionals specialize in the mechanical needs at industrial buildings and plants such as:  

Industrial Piping:

  • Process and stainless steel piping, oil and natural gas lines.
  • Installation of combustion systems and high/low pressure steam systems.

Certified Welding:

Our welders are qualified in accordance with ASME and AWS standards. IFCO maintains a New York State “R” certification for welding repairs to pressure vessels.

Fabrication, Foundry, and Machine Shop:

Metal fabrication services. We also have a foundry that pours grey iron and ductile steel as well as stainless castings in any size and quantities.

Structural steel services

Miscellaneous iron work

Millwright Services

Installation and/and re-location of all types of mechanical and industrial equipment


Fabrication, installation, and repair of new and existing breeching, refractory lined metal stacks, duct work, etc.

Demolition Services:

  • Demolition, dismantlement of miscellaneous structures and vessels
  • Site cleanup
  • Concrete breaking


Fabricate and repair all types of tanks ranging from storage, acid, chemical, deaerator, condensate, and more. Also, provide a complete range of lining systems (interior or exterior) for tanks and vessels.

Insulation Service:

Install insulating materials for tanks, piping systems, boilers, duct/breeching, and metal stacks.


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