Fluidized Bed Incinerator Combustion Systems

The combustion system of a fluid bed incinerator has several features that need to be accounted for.  These features often vary dramatically from a multiple hearth incinerator.  First is the obvious need for a larger burner with a fluidized bed incinerator.  Where a multiple hearth furnace may have many burners spread out over the entire furnace, a fluid bed generally has only one or possibly two.  Industrial Furnace’s combustion experts will size the burner to fit the need.  We are also fully capable of relocating burners should they need it.

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Another difference is in the fuel.  While most multiple hearths use natural gas or other readily available fuels, most fluid bed incinerators use oil burners.  Our experience in working with different fuels allows us to design the system correctly, the first time.  Whether the oil is being injected through the burner, or into the bed via lances, we can design the system to meet the Btu requirement to keep the furnace running smoothly and efficiently.

The vessel pressure also varies vastly from a multiple hearth to a fluid bed.  While a multiple hearth runs at nearly atmospheric pressure (slightly negative) a fluid bed will operate at 3 to 5 psi positive.  This requires a different approach to fuel metering and burner set-up.  Industrial Furnace has worked with our suppliers to ensure we have access to the correct equipment and parts to yield the best system no matter what vessel pressure you are running.

The atmosphere in the fluid bed is also very different than that of a multiple hearth furnace.  The turbulence and churning sand present a unique set of circumstances that need to be addressed above and beyond the NFPA 86 standards we still hold to.  While the NFPA standards still hold true, they are not enough to protect from the possibility of sand being pushed back into the combustion system.   Industrial Furnace has learned from years of experience how to deal with these issues to ensure your furnace stays safe and functional.

Our controls and integration department works with our mechanical engineering department to develop a system that is both safe and efficient.  Fuel savings can be achieved by ensuring your system is up to date both mechanically and electrically.

Industrial furnace is well versed in the design of combustion systems for fluid bed incinerators.  Our engineers all understand the NFPA regulations, and know how to apply them, whether it’s designing a new system, or helping to bring your existing system up to code. 

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