Multiple Hearth Furnace Combustion Systems

Industrial Furnace Company combustion system on a 14'-3
IFCO combustion system on a 14'-3" Multiple Hearth Furnace

The combustion system is the heart and soul of the industrial furnace.  While a few processes will run without added heat, many processes need the combustion system to add heat to the furnace continuously.  All furnaces need a combustion system to get the furnace up to temperature, through start-ups and dry-outs, as well as to get the needed heat into the furnace to start the process.  The most commonly added fuels for the multiple hearth furnaces are natural gas and fuel oil.  We have also successfully built furnaces that use propane or bio fuel.  The fuel source, like all other components of the furnace, depends upon the customer and the process.  The systems are sized to provide the proper BTU at the proper location.  The style and location of each burner varies, depending on the process at hand.

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Industrial Furnace Company combustion system on a 25'-9
IFCO combustion system on a 25'-9" Multiple Hearth Furnace

Industrial Furnace has led the way in innovations for combustion systems as well.  The multiple hearth furnace burner, shown in the pictures, was developed by Industrial Furnace and North American Manufacturing Company specifically for Multiple Hearth Furnaces. Because the multiple hearth furnace burner is a medium velocity burner, the flame doesn’t occur until the gasses have already left the burner tunnel. 

A North American Multiple Hearth Furnace Burner
A North American MHF Burner

The extra velocity of the gasses also keeps the ash and product out of the burner tunnel, eliminating slag in the burner tunnel.  If slag does form in the burner tunnel, the internals of the burner can be removed without disconnecting the piping; allowing for an operator to clean the burner tunnel from outside the furnace.  Usually, the burner tunnel can be cleaned without shutting down other burners.

Our engineers are well versed in the NFPA regulations, and apply them to all the combustion systems we install.  Industrial Furnace Company can design, install, maintain and tune the combustion system on your furnace.  Whether it’s a Multiple Hearth, Fluid Bed, or any other type of furnace, our Integration Department has a proven record of designing and installing sophisticated combustion controls that will operate fully automatically with minimal operator input.

Whether you want a new combustion system, an upgrade to an existing system, or just need a tune-up, give Industrial Furnace Company a call and we will have your burners firing as they should.