Off-Gas and Pollution Control Systems for Fluidized Bed Incinerators

We supply off-gas scrubber systems for fluidized bed incinerators that will meet or exceed all EPA standards in effect, and going into effect as of March 2016.  Many of the existing fluid bed incinerators can be brought up to code without the use of a carbon bed.  However, if one is needed, Industrial Furnace Company can supply Carbon Adsorption Beds, Ammonia or Caustic Injection, or any other needed technology to keep your existing furnace compliant.  Through our extensive partnerships, we can also meet the standards for new fluid bed incinerators just as easily.  While the new fluid beds will require more equipment than an existing unit, the process of removing the pollutants is the same.

We are also happy to coordinate compliance testing as well.  Whether you need someone to administer the test, assist with a tester that you’ve chosen, or supplement your maintenance department during the test we can help.


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