Streamlining the Multiple Hearth Furnace Industry

Our extenstive field refractory experience has given us the tools necessary to develop better solutions to improve performance, reliability, and minimize downtime. One of the solutions we engineered was due to the result of special shape firebrick deliveries approaching 52 weeks, and the costs of these specialty shapes rising exponentially. To minimize these costs and lead times, Industrial Furnace Company developed our own standard-shaped out-hearth constructed of all 9”x4.5”x2.5” series firebrick.  Naturally, it is called the Industrial Furnace Company Out-Hearth. We are the only supplier to offer standard shape refractory fire-brick hearths for all multiple hearth furnaces. We also offer prescription drop holes, altered to the customer’s specifications, for better gas flows throughout the multiple hearth furnace process loop. Our skew backs are a contiguous ring of interlocking shapes fastened to the furnace shell. This ensures maximum strength, high resistance to slippage, and ultimately, longer service life. Standard shape firebrick are made under the most controlled manufacturing processes for sizing, material composition, and firing, which ensures uniformity in the hearth, and the best bang for the buck. When properly installed within the strict company standards that our craftsmen provide, our hearth system is the dome structure that the Herreshoff model first sought, and all have pursued since the Multiple Hearth Furnace concept was born.


Another innovation is our improved burner tile for the older burners. Our burner tile is manufactured from a very dense and high purity, high alumina, non wetting refractory material. The burner block is extremely resistant to chemical attack and thermal spalling. Our burner cone configuration produces a flame pattern that limits slagging and provides the best heat distribution throughout the combustion zone. When our service professionals install these materials around one of our prescription-cut mandrels or into a door system, the improvements are remarkable.


The Industrial Furnace Company out-hearth and improved burner tile are just a few of the many examples of how our team of Multiple Hearth Furnace specialists improved upon an existing design, part or pattern. Furthermore, we have created new parts and patterns, such as the multiple hearth furnace burner, IFCO skew brick and the IFCO Door/arch system. These improvements give owners and operators more online time, and reduced costs of stockpiling at their warehouses. Industrial Furnace Company prides itself as being the only multiple hearth furnace supplier and installer in the world who is capable of supplying and installing any part needed for all Multiple Hearth Furnaces.


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