Multiple Hearth Furnace Engineering & Tech Service

We offer a full range of engineering services related to the multiple hearth furnace and its combustion systems.  Our core capabilities center around complete mechanical and process engineering for full furnace systems from concept analysis, through laboratory testing, equipment design, field installation, to start up and training.  This full system expertise also translates into qualifications in specific areas where existing potential problems may develop.  This would include such areas as emissions controls, combustion systems, rabbling patterns, or materials of construction.  Some examples of recent studies are:

  • Carry-over of Fines to Exhaust from a Carbon Furnace
  • Rabbling Alterations due to Feed Quality Changes in Municipal Sludge Incinerators
  • Refractory Lining Costs versus Energy Efficiency in an Industrial Furnace
  • Combustion System Modernization for an Oil Refinery Furnace
  • Hazardous Scrubber Water Disposal from a Pharmaceutical Waste Incinerator
  • Refractory Material Optimization for a Dryer in a Mining Application
In addition, we work with a number of American and International engineers whose specialized abilities we can bring to bear on a project as the need may arise.
Our knowledge of the industry, Furnaces, and the individual skills and strengths of people in the industry allow us to provide the highest level of knowledge that can be applied to a project.
Our on-going technical support team helps keep your new furnace installation in top shape, and can rejuvenate an older furnace to top efficiency.  We offer full inspections, (top to bottom, inside and out) with a complete written report.  Our technicians not only adjust burners, but also continually check and recalculate the burner settings.  We have made a lot of innovations in furnace design and operation over the years and we constantly search for ways to apply these ideas, or to develop new solutions.

Finally, we stress that all of our technical work has one common ingredient—common sense.  Our company began as a construction concern many years ago.  As we have evolved and grown, manufacturing and engineering have become a significant part of our business, but we try never to lose sight of what we learned in the field—that engineered solutions have to work in practice as well as on paper.


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Research and Development:

IFCO maintains, at our facility, a 39” I.D. x (5) hearth pilot multiple hearth furnace with continuous feed and monitoring capabilities.  The furnace is up to date with modern controls, and can be modified to suit nearly any process to be tested.  We also have a lab that can be customized to monitor any of the results, product, or gasses from the process.   The customer’s personnel, or ours, can operate the furnace. Some recent examples of tests that have been run include de-laquering of aluminum chips, processing a mineral powder in a nitrogen environment, recapturing metals from a waste stream, and turning chicken litter into a valuable fertilizer component.