Fluidized Bed Incinerator Applications

Below is a listing of applications for fluidized bed incinerators.

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  • Alumina and bauxite calcination
  • Automobile manufacturing waste
  • Calcium and magnesium sulfite decomposition
  • Chemical process waste
  • Fireclay calcining
  • Food wastes
  • Foundry sand calcining
  • Ilmenite roasting
  • Iron ore preheating
  • Iron ore reduction (hematite to magnetite)
  • Lime mud calcining and pelletization
  • Limestone calcining
  • Livestock waste
  • Manganese oxide reduction
  • Municipal sludges - Primary, secondary
  • Petroleum wastes
  • Pharmaceutical sludge
  • Phosphate rock calcining
  • Pulp and paper deinking sludge