Backup incinerators can be critical for continued functioning if the primary furnace fails or has a temporary issue. These backup burners will fire if the heating of waste becomes too low on the primary furnace or if the furnace fails due to another maintenance issue.

We’ve recently had multiple requests from plants for backup sewage sludge incinerators. Customers are looking to be prepared in the event of a failure or other issue. The time lost and other concerns created by a maintenance issue on a primary furnace without a backup can be a significant problem. Incineration plants are choosing to invest in backup incinerators to avoid any consequences.

To help prevent issues with a furnace we recommend regular maintenance and service. We can assist with refractory coatings and high temperature linings designed to help increase corrosion resistance of the incinerator, thereby increasing service life. We also provide 24/7 emergency services.

In addition, we provide process control and instrumentation services for newly installed furnace systems as well as for existing systems in which an improved process would be beneficial. This can also help extend the life of the incineration system.

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