Jim Lill
Vice President, Secretary
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Over 20 years with Industrial Furnace Company.

Staying true to family tradition, Jim's early years in the 1990’s were spent in the Field working side-by-side with IFCO’s skilled labor force. As he transitioned to Office Management, Jim's efforts were an integral part of IFCO’s unprecedented growth as the 20th century closed. In 1999, Jim helped IFCO re-launch its boiler division with newly acquired welding procedures and certifications. IFCO transformed itself from being just a boiler-refractory provider to a full service boiler contractor offering certified welding, tube replacement, and other mechanical services.

Recognizing the need to be a "turnkey" industrial contractor, Jim’s initiative led to the formation of "Industrial Scaffold Company" (ISCO) in 2002. Having the ability to provide scaffold and shoring services was a logical fit for IFCO’s projects while ISCO also quickly emerged as a scaffold industry leader in Western NY.

At the start of the 21st Century, Jim turned his attention to Quality Control by taking leadership roles in IFCO’s Safety Program and Welding Quality Control Program. He also managed day-to-day operations of IFCO’s construction projects by supervising crew personnel staffing needs plus the placement of new hires in the field. In the meanwhile, Jim managed large industrial MHF/FBI projects across the East Coast from Savannah, GA to Hartford, Ct. Having knowledge with all of IFCO’s divisions and services make Jim a valued asset at the executive level.