Projects: Multiple Hearth Furnace Upgrades

Exhaust Stacks after Multiple Hearth Furnace Upgrades by Industrial Furnace Company

Project Location

Eastern US

Project Description

IFCO rehabbed and upgraded two of the customer’s three furnaces in 1998, when the third furnace was “mothballed.” In 2009, it was decided to use the  furnaces’ off-gasses for electrical power generation. To do this, the third furnace was needed as a “spare.” The project was completed in two phases, and included upgrading the third furnace with a new flue gas recirculation system, new burners and controls, and a new EnviroCare VenturiPak scrubber. The scrubbers were also upgraded on the other two furnaces to keep them operating as state-of-the-art systems, and keep them in compliance with the new EPA Section 60, Subpart MMMM regulations. Dampers and new ductwork were also added to incorporate a new power generation plant.

Actual Test Results for Multiple Hearth Furnace Upgrade by Industrial Furnace Company

Industrial Furnace Company's Role

Design phase engineering assistance, equipment supplier, installation, commissioning


$3 Million



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