Projects: Multiple Hearth Furnace Rebuild

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Multiple Hearth Furnace Rebuild by Industrial Furnace Company

Project Location

Midwestern US

Project Description

The customer owns and operates four 22’-3” x 8 hearth multiple hearth furnaces. In preparation for the new 2016 emissions guidelines set by the EPA for sewages sludge incinerators, the customer needed to upgrade their furnaces and emissions control equipment. Industrial Furnace Company was responsible for the complete teardown and rebuild of the furnace and afterburner refractory, along with other process ductwork for three of the four furnaces. The fourth furnace only required a partial rebuild, as it had been completely rehabbed within the last decade. The initial project timeline was anticipated to take three years, but through the collaborative efforts between IFCO, the other contractors, and the owner, the job was completed in two years

Multiple Hearth Furnace Rebuild by Industrial Furnace Company

Industrial Furnace Company's Role

Demo, refractory installation, process ductwork


$5.6 Million



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