Projects: Magnesite Calcining Furnace

Magnesite Calcining Furnace from Industrial Furnace Company

Project Location

Western US

Project Description

Industrial Furnace originally built the furnace in 1981 with a “white glove” furnace engineering firm. The furnace was mothballed and sat dormant for 20 years before IFCO was called to revive and update the entire system. Before work could begin, the site had to be excavated, as over 200 tons of dirt and magnesite had covered much of the equipment at ground level due to 20 years of inactivity. IFCO engineered, supplied, and installed a new combustion system, feed and discharge systems, product cooler, various modifications to the product handling system, including a new truck loading station. Industrial Furnace also engineered and installed the entire instrumentation and controls system, from the raw material feed silos through the furnace and bag-houses. Industrial Furnace was also responsible for commissioning of the system, and training the operators. When the project was complete, the furnace capacity doubled from it’s original design. The plant manager was able to re-permit the furnace to allow them to operate at this increased capacity.

Magnesite Calcining Furnace from Industrial Furnace Company

Industrial Furnace Company's Role

Engineering, design-build, equipment supplier, installation, commissioning


$3 Million



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