According to a recent news story from ABC News 33/40 in Birmingham AL, "Environmental organization says 'forever chemicals' detected near Moody landfill", high levels of PFAS have been found in the nearby Cahaba River. The Cahaba River is a source of drinking water for thousands who live in the Birmingham area. 

The Cahaba Riverkeeper has expressed frustration at the response from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management which they feel has not done an adequate job of testing of the chemicals. 

According to the article, water testing performed by the Cahaba Riverkeeper, "said the results it found at the landfill were alarming and many of the substances are linked to adverse health impacts."

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PFAS "forever" chemicals continue to be a problem as they are found in soil and water across the United States. PFAS can be removed by waste treatment facilities through incineration using appropriate temperatures. Multiple Hearth Furnaces and Fluidized Bed Incinerators can get to temperatures high enough for removal.