According to an EPA Report released in December 2022 - the Biosolids Biennial Report No.9 (Reporting Period 2020-2021) - PFAS continue to be found in biosolids / sewage sludge, a product of the wastewater treatment process. The report states that 13 new chemicals were found in biosolids, 3 of which are PFAS.

According to the report, "In early 2023, EPA is holding a Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting to review a three-step process to assess the risk of pollutants in biosolids." The EPA has already begun to tighten restrictions around PFAS.

Incineration by way of a Multiple Hearth Furnace or Fluidized Bed Incinerator can be a source for removing PFAS from sewage sludge. An upgrade may need to be made to this equipment to reach the temperature necessary to remove PFAS.