Fives North American Combustion, Inc. has improved the design of their 4419/6419 series multiple hearth furnace burners.  This burner was co-developed with Industrial Furnace Company's input since its inception and Industrial Furnace Company has continued to work with Fives on improvements ever since.  This burner was made for Multiple Hearth Furnaces and continues to be the best for any multiple hearth furnace application.  One major advantage is that it’s easy to be disassembled for cleaning.  And two, it’s categorized as a “medium velocity” with low NOx but performs like a high-velocity burner due to its venturi shaped design.  The burner supports better mixing in the chamber by moving the flame to the outside of the (refractory) burner tile; and as a result, reduces slag formation around the tile.

Please see the attached literature which is the most current and has additional information regarding the burner’s latest changes.

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