New York State’s Governor Cuomo Executive Order 202.6 prohibits all businesses from having their employees work on-site during the COVID-19 outbreak unless their business is considered ‘essential.’  The services that IFCO provides qualify as essential and life sustaining because we support the following critical areas:

  • Utilities including power generation, fuel supply, and transmission
  • Public water, sewage, and wastewater
  • Airports
  • Industrial specialty construction
  • Manufacturing in Mining
  • Primary Metal Manufacturing
  • Paper Manufacturing

IFCO continues its commitment to keeping our employees, vendors, suppliers, business partners, and the general public safe during the evolving conditions related to COVID-19. We will continue to monitor our operations plan and will be ready to make changes if needed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Please see the attachment to view the details of IFCO's Operational Plan during COVID-19 pandemic.