PFAS or “forever chemicals” continue to be an environmental concern. High levels of PFAS have been found in ground soil and drinking water throughout the United States. The EPA continues to tighten regulations around PFAS and soon public water systems that have a PFAS amount that exceeds established levels, they will be required to reduce the levels.

A very high temperature is needed to destroy the strong bond in PFAS chemicals. Both Multiple Hearth Furnaces as well as Fluidized Bed Furnaces are able to reach temperatures high enough to destroy PFAS in wastewater, thereby making them a good option for PFAS removal. A research article published in March 2024 published by Wiley Water Environment Research reviews a study completed on the effectiveness of wastewater sludge incinerators for removal of PFAS that found positive results.

View the article:  Fate of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) through two full-scale wastewater sludge incinerators

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