Engineering and Technical Services

Industrial Furnace Company Inc. has added a new member of the IFCO team Dr. Helmut Priemer.  Dr. Priemer has been working with IFCO for over 3 years to forge a strong commitment to bring the latest technology to the Magnesite Industry.  With over 65 years of experience we can provide the latest technology and work together to reduce the cost of ownership for your capital investments. At the same time, we will reduce your operating cost.

Our ongoing technical support team can help to keep your new investments in top shape, and can rejuvenate older equipment to maximum efficiency. We offer full inspections (top-to-bottom, inside and out), with a complete written report. We also have the ability to supply castings, burners and refractory to your existing kilns.

Our engineers and technicians can optimize your plant and equipment operations to reduce operational cost while increasing throughput.  We stress that all of our technical work has one common ingredient--common sense. Our company began as a construction company many years ago. We have evolved and grown by forming partnerships with worldwide suppliers and manufactures in our industry. IFCO works together with its customers and can provide the best solution to meet your requirements.