Parts, Castings & Patterns

After years of being a supplier of parts and castings, MHF Services incorporated a division that has a complete line of parts available for all of the manufactured multiple hearth furnaces in existence.  We have our own patterns for all of the major castings that multiple hearth furnace operators required in their day to day operations, such as: rabble arms, teeth, lute caps, shaft sections, and top and bottom bearing assemblies.  Our pattern services team can reproduce and/or improve patterns.  Our foundry and machine shop pours grey iron and ductile steel as well as stainless castings in any quantity. 


For our customers who are currently using cast iron or ductile parts, MHF Services will work with you to develop better alloys for your operation that will result in longer life and lower overall operating costs.  In summary, because of the direct purchasing ability and our large customer base, Multiple Hearth Furnace Services Inc. can buy in quantity.  As a result, we offer low prices that are equal to, or better than OEM parts, while providing prompt service as well.