Industrial Scaffold Company, a division of Industrial Furnace Company, continues to watch the NYS

The New York State Scaffold Law places "absolute liability" for scaffold injuries on contractors and property owners. In other words, the injured w...

Harbison-Walker’s “Emergency Pumpable Material”

IFCO and its industry partners are always looking for the latest and best technology available. One recent example is Harbison-Walker’s  “Emer...

"White Paper" by Bill Mansfield Sr., PE

As a leader in our industry, we are always staying on top of current industry trends and issues.

IFCO in the forefront of helping SSI's meet the upcoming March 2016 EPA Regulations

IFCO is excited to be in the forefront of helping Sewage Sludge Incinerators (SSI’s) meet the upcoming March 2016 EPA Regulations.

Renewing Multiple Hearth Furnaces: The Atlanta Experience

ABSTRACT The City of Atlanta Wastewater Services Division undertook a “fast tracked” upgrade of its multiple hearth furnace at its R.M....