Ken Lill

Over 45 years with Industrial Furnace Company.

Ken began his career at IFCO as a young teenager, working part-time in the shop. By 1970, Ken was working full-time for the family business. His first few years were spent in an aluminum re-melt facility where he learned the skill of refractory-installation from IFCO’s experienced brick-layers. In 1972 Ken moved on to a chemical plant where he first learned how to put together the steel shafts and the mechanical components of a multiple hearth furnace (MHF).

After a few years of working as a mechanic in the field, Ken transitioned in 1974 to a supervisory position. He managed several projects involving refractory installation, steel erection, and mechanical work for multiple hearth furnaces and aluminum melting furnaces. He continued to supervise staff on-site for many years, while slowly phasing into an office position.

In 1998 Ken became Secretary and Treasurer of IFCO. He continues these roles today and also assists with some job management in the NY office. Ken’s extensive knowledge of industrial construction makes him a valued asset to IFCO and their clients.