Meet the Logistics Manager at IFCO

May 13, 2015

Because our industry relies on critical shipping and delivery times, we maintain a Logistics Manager, Tim Lepper, who is an expert in this field.  Tim is a great asset to our company and provides great service for both domestic and international sales. 

Tim has had a 30+ year career in the transportation arena starting in sales for a common carrier, owner/entrepreneur of a third party logistics firm involved in domestic and international transportation and related fields, and finally as a CEO of an integrated trucking/ logistics entity. His time at IFCO is spent coordinating all transportation and supply chain details as well as serving as compliance liaison on our growing international business.

IFCO Monitoring EPA Standards

April 28, 2015

IFCO is always closely monitoring EPA standards and how it affects our industry.  We are confident we can make any furnace meet current or future emission standards.  Here’s some links to current Emission issues:

Happy Holidays 2014

December 10, 2014

IFCO wants to wish its friends around the world happy holidays, and best wishes for a safe and successful 2015.

Industrial Furnace has experienced highs and lows through this past year. In May, we lost an important member of the IFCO family when Joe Midgett unexpectedly passed away. Joe was a leader of IFCO's process and intergration efforts. His expertise will be missed, but we will continue to provide the same great service that Joe always strived for.

Some highlights for this past year include entering into an international partnership for Shaft Kilns, expanding our presence worldwide, closing major projects, and starting new major projects. We continue to develop new services to better serve furnace owners and operators.

As we move forward in 2015, we are excited about working with customers to meet their needs, such as the new EPA standards.

Industrial Furnace Company joins forces with Technip/Dorr-Oliver to promote FluoSolids®

In the Spring of 2009, Industrial Furnace Company signed an agreement to join forces with Technip/Dorr-Oliver to promote FluoSolids® Technology in the North America Municipal Incineration sector. This allows IFCO to use Technip’s experience and engineering power with Fluidized Beds, and merge it with their experience and history of dealing with municipalities in a way that will be beneficial to all parties involved. Technip will provide the engineering, associated equipment, and any technical support required. Industrial Furnace's field experience will be put to use for procurement and installation of the furnace at the customer's site.

The IFCO and Technip Team make it North America’s most qualified and experienced supplier of Fluid Bed Technology. Each Plant is custom designed to meet the client’s needs, while recovering the most energy possible in the form of preheated air, steam, or electricity. The air pollution control train is designed to meet all current environmental regulations.

With a rich history of repairing Fluid Bed Incinerators, combined with the ability to work alongside an industry leader like Dorr-Oliver, there is no furnace that Industrial Furnace Company cannot fix. As always, we remain committed to serving municipal clients with our world-class technology and collective expertise.