IFCO’s NY office spent the holiday week conducting Safety Training.  Our goal was to train our crew on being in compliance with the OSHA Confined Space and Silica Standards.  Yesterday, we provided a Red Cross CPR and First Aid class.  Today, is confined space rescue training.   Tomorrow will be competent person training for the new OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction.   


To simulate rescue procedures from a Multiple Hearth Furnace, IFCO’s Chris Johnston designed and erected a scaffold with the same dimensions and obstacles as an MHF.  One of our lead mechanics, Roby Glazier had a great idea to use tube and coupler scaffold pipe to imitate rabble arms.  In the end, our crews were trained on a possible “real life” scenario where a worker may need to be removed from a hearth inside an MHF.  IFCO’s policy is to have our Customers provide rescue services when capable and equipped.  However, if there is an MHF/FBI user that does not have the ability to provide rescue services, IFCO will be prepared to provide that service.  

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